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The Arnold Volunteer Fire Department is offering a new Pet CPR & Basic First Aid to pets. This class is being offered by Dr.Marianne Bailey of the Queenstown Veterinary Clinic. Please register through our CPR page on the website.

Information about Dr. Marianne Bailey:

- “Citizen CPR and First Aid for Pets” is being offered by Arnold VFD in partnership with Dr. Marianne Bailey of the Queenstown Veterinary Clinic.
- Dr. Bailey is a graduate of Auburn University (School of Veterinary Medicine) which is one of the nation’s premier veterinary programs.
- Dr. Bailey is originally from southern Maryland and a long-time member of our Maryland community.  She has previously provided care to our pets from veterinary clinics in both the Arnold and Edgewater communities.
- She currently owns and operates the Queenstown Veterinary Hospital on the Eastern Shore in Queenstown, MD.
- The course will be FREE and last approximately 1-hour.  Subjects covered will be administration of CPR to common household pets (using dogs and cats as examples) and a review of general pet first aid topics that pet owners can perform before bringing their pets to a veterinary hospital for treatment.  Dr. Bailey will also entertain questions related to emergency pet health, diet, and preventive medical care.
- The class will be offered at Arnold Volunteer Fire Department on February 10, 2016 starting at 7:00pm.