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The Department has posted the CPR schedule from June 2015 till November 2015.

New Changes:

New schedule has the FRIENDS & FAMILY CPR course on the 2nd monday of every month from 6:30pm to 9pm.

Group classes of any AHA type will be scheduled by appointment

Registration for courses are closed 72 hours prior to the course start date.

Students are not confirmed for any course registered for until they are contacted by an AVFD CPR staff member by email or telephone.

AVFD will gladly coordinate group CPR classes for free FRIENDS & FAMILY CPR, FIRST AID AND BLS CERTIFICATION courses for a nominal fee per student.

June through November 2015 schedule:

June.10,2015 BLS Cert/Recert 6pm to 9:30pm ($50)

July.13,2015 FRIENDS & FAMILY CPR 6:30pm to 9pm (FREE)

August.10,2015 FRIENDS & FAMILY CPR 6:30PM TO 9PM (FREE)

September.14,2015 FRIENDS & FAMILY CPR 6:30PM TO 9PM (FREE)

October.12,2015 FRIENDS & FAMILY CPR 6:30PM TO 9PM (FREE)

November.1,2015 BLS RECERTIFICATION 8AM TO 11:30AM ($50)

November.19,2015 BLS RECERTIFICATION 6PM TO 9:30PM ($50)

More informtion can be found on our  CPR classes page or to register online.